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Your senses are the gateway to your erotic massage London experience. By becoming more aware of sound, taste, visuals, and touch, you intensify your massage and discover more sensuality.

sensual massage London

sensual massage London

Even though we think of taste, smell, sound, sight, and touch as individual senses, we mostly use them in unison. Consciously focusing on one sense at a time makes you far more aware of it. With greater awareness, you can focus on every reaction,feeling, and sensation, and so heighten and intensify your sensual massage London experience.

Bringing the senses into sensual massage London

Sensual Massage services help to make you more aware of each of your senses, unlocking your full capacity for a blissful experience. Being able to respond fully to the stimulation of your senses and enjoy a heightened awareness of yourself in the moment are key to experiencing true sensuality.

When you allow yourself to enter a state of heightened sensory awareness, even breathing can feel ecstatic. With each breath out, waves of physical pleasure move through your body.
Bear in mind that your body is designed to make use of its senses and to stimulate your erotic response.
Imagine, for example, that you’re lying quietly, eyes closed. A charismatic voice begins speaking to you. You listen, but before long you find yourself aching to open your eyes and see what the owner of this irresistible voice looks like.

When you look at the face with its sensual mouth, you become aware of the natural, appealing fragrance of newly washed hair and skin. It makes you want to discover more through the taste of a sweet kiss. When all the senses are engaged, your body feels alive and tingling with anticipation and arousal, even before any touch has taken place.

Help each other to enjoy this extra-sensory experience by allowing yourselves to become more sensitive sensual massage London to each other. Think about how you touch and caress one another. As you receive touch, focus on the sensation is it smooth, rough, tender, or tentative? Notice your partner’s scent whit sensual girls, and the warmth of his or her skin.